Majesty of the Island Nias

Nias Island lies on latitude 10 30' north and longitude 970 98' east. It covers an areas of 5,625 km2 which is mostly lowland area of ± 800 m above sea level.

It is the biggest in a group of islands on this side of Sumatera that is part of the province of Sumatera Utara. This area consists of 131 islands and Nias Island is the biggest. The population in this area is about 639,675 people (including Malay, Batak, and Chinese). Nias has a very unique culture and nature which is far different from other areas in North Sumatra. This is because of its separate and remote location from the rest of Sumatra.

Nias people really have any distinctive characteristic. Those with slightly different with other people of Indonesia. face, such as the Mongolian language and have a distinctive.

Nias island in itself is an object such as heritage tours of historical-ago period, the war dance, jump and rock customary events, past and heritage community Nias.

House is very big and good-good. And there a lot of statues of kings of the age first. Home and sculptures that can be used as a very beautiful object antediluvian.