Lombok island

To get to the island, just head to Bangsal harbor and buy public boat ticket at the booking clerk at fixed prices. If waiting long for sufficient other passengers is inconvenience for you, then take a chartered boat at higher rate but it sails you promptly on private arrangement.

Gili Air is the closet island from the harbor thus sailing to the island takes only 20 to 25 minutes and Gili Trawangan is the furthest, the biggest and the busiest one. Located across Gili Meno – the less developed and visited – it takes no less than 45minutes to get to the island of Trawangan and there is an opportunity to experience a bumpy sea ride on certain time or seasons.

All of the 3 Gilis offer various ranges of accommodation, restaurants and dive shops meeting your taste and budget. Nevertheless, Gili Trawangan seems to have more to offer since Trawangan magnetizes more visitors a long the year. While, Gili Meno is least developed and visited and is, therefore, less exploited or spoilt. There is quite large variety of choice for dining or staying, though. Gili Meno is good for relaxing.

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