Enchantment of the beauty of the Mountain Gede-Pangrango

Mount Gede-Pangrango include only the most common mountain climbing in Indonesia ,As our best to get there is between the dry season around June until September, which at the time of rainfall fell below 100 mm. At night the temperature can reach the mountaintop below 5 ยบ C, so for us to bring a heavy jacket, and we also need to be careful because many trees are easily uprooted. Along the way we will walk through the tropical forests is very beautiful, before heading to our Stone Cage going through an extremely steep slope carrying dangerous hot water, we need to be careful because of the narrow and slippery.

Post a river bath in stone stables of warm water is very refreshing body, eliminate tired and sleepy. Helps blood flow freezing.
Stone Cage left post we will pass the river water was rushing so sometimes need to be careful with what we wear sandals. But when the river water was calm we can jump over the rocks.There you will find beautiful natural panorama spread, Edelweis park underneath, an active volcano caldera wall G. Gede, even from here we can see the beauty of distant cities below
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