Here are a few hints for considering with both haunt and maintenance considerations

1) Get yourself a inspection and repair / repair manual for your automobile (commonly usable at the major car part chemical chain, such as Pep Boys and AutoZone). While the time comes, this will at the least help you explore and realize what the mechanic or service consultant is talking of when he tells you what's wrong on your automobile.

wiring diagram - haynes repair manual

2) If the trouble is something that affects safety device or seems to be a common fabricating defect (such shuddering brakes on a comparatively new car), opportunities are you will be able to get the problem attended of for free. What you want to do is watch out if a recall (which is when the producer openly acknowledges a defect) has been issued for that trouble. Frequently you will get a letter in the postal service (a "recall notice") that will tell you what the trouble is (even if you have not got it) and urge you to make a service appointee to get it taken care of.
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