Mount Jayawijaya

Mount Jayawijaya. It is hardly to imagine sometimes that the tropics country like Indonesia has a snowy spot. More over the eternal snow one. Like this one, it is called Mount Jayawijaya.
Mount jayawijaya lies on 4862m sea level, in province of Papua. The height of the mountain top has made Mount Jayawijaya’ Top be eternally snow-capped.

At first, Mount Jayawijaya is called Mount Top Sukarno ( Puncak Sukarno in Indonesian) .
Jayawijaya is one of the Sudirman’s Mountain Range ( Barisan Sudirman in Indonesian ), and is the second highest mount in South-East Asia, and has been one of World’s Premiere Seven Mount Top
Other Spelling for Mount Jayawijaya are :
Ngga Pulu
Mount Carstensz
Carstensz Pyramid/Top Pyramid
Carstensz Top/Mount Top
Jayakesuma Top/Mount Top
Around Mount top of jayawijaya there are still another three next tops, namely Top Soemantri (4.855 M) ( Puncak Sumantri ), Top East Carstensz (East Carstensz, 4.775 M) and Middle Peak ( Puncak Tengah )
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